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Big Plans is an organization for girls ages 10-15, offering expansive career exploration, building female empowerment, and ultimately raising self-esteem and confidence.


We host 4 workshops during the school year, in which a variety of successful women in super interesting careers discuss their backgrounds, their days in the life, and answer questions from our curious girls. At each workshop, there is also a central activity such as self-defense, yoga, environmental activities, or independent exploration preparation.


Additionally, we host 3 Girl Power Book Club Dinner Parties during the school year and also offer Behind the Scenes field trips and Small Group Mentoring for girls who want to dig a little deeper. It all makes us wish we were 12 again.

Panelists at our workshops spotlight all kinds of careers!

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5/13/18 - Girl Power Book Club Dinner Party #3 (at Groovy Coop in Downtown McKinney)

6/3/18 - Workshop #4

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working on plans to expand!